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Chasing The Dream

Chasing The Dream: The Tony Thomas Story and Interview

January 19, 2012 // 2 Comments

In the 3rd round of the 2007 MLB Draft the Chicago Cubs selected a player that many felt could turn out to be an early sleeper pick. They selected a 2nd Baseman from Florida State by the name of Tony Thomas. Before the draft Thomas was turning the heads of a lot of scouts due to his impressive numbers. Thomas led the NCAA in runs, doubles, total bases and had an impressive .430 batting average [...]

Chasing The Dream: The Robby Rowland Story and Interview

January 14, 2012 // 7 Comments

The 2010 MLB Draft was held June 7th through the 9th. In the third round of that draft, the Arizona Diamondbacks selected Robby Rowland a right handed pitcher from Cloverdale HS. Located about 80 miles from San Franciso California, Cloverdale has produced a line of Rowland draft picks. Rowland's father and brother also graduated and were drafted by major league teams. After the draft, Rowland did have a decision to make. [...]

Chasing The Dream: The Cameron Selik Story and Interview

January 10, 2012 // 1 Comment

The 2010 MLB draft will most likely go down as the year Bryce Harper got drafted. As with the 1st pick overall The Washington Nationals selected the young phenom who was on major sports magazines touting him as the "next one" before he was even draft eligible. In this weeks spotlight we focus on Cameron Selik whom The Washington National selected in the same draft in the 22nd round. Find out his story as he chases his dream to the big leagues. [...]

Ryan Tatusko: Story and Interview

January 2, 2012 // 1 Comment

On June 7th, 2007 Major League Baseball held its annual amateur player draft. Over the course of two full days a total of 1453 baseball players from high schools and colleges would be selected. As we begin to enter the 2012 season, this particular draft has graduated a number of players who are making an impact at the big league level. Three of these players have been named major league all stars in David Price, Matt Wieters, and Jason Heyward. In today's installment of Chasing The Dream we take a look at Ryan Tatusko, an 18th round draft pick by the Texas Rangers out of Indiana State University. [...]