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About Chasing MLB Dreams


Many young children chase dreams. Dreams which could be anything and everything.  Kids dream of being a doctor, a fireman, in the movies, in a fantasy land or at bat in the bottom of the ninth inning. Whatever that dream may be the percentages of those dreams that become a reality is very low. For those who dream of being a big league baseball player the numbers are staggering.

Approximately 1 in every 200 high school baseball players or .05% will be drafted by a major league team into the minor leagues. Only 5.6% of high school players advance on to college to play at some level of college baseball. Those who make it through college have a better chance to be drafted as 10.5% of college players get drafted or signed as a free agent by one of the teams in major league baseball.

The numbers above show that reaching pro baseball at the minor league level is no easy task. To do so one must obviously have some great talent and athleticism. Out of all players who play minor league baseball about 10% of those players who sign contracts each year will play at least 1 game in the majors.

Chasing MLB Dreams has been created to follow dreams of players as they climb the ladder from instructional and rookie ball to the upper levels of the minor leagues. We hope to be able to track these players as they make their way up to the pros. Follow their stories and their dreams. Two main titles themes will be created here. Chasing The Dream and Living The Dream.

The Chasing The Dream series will look young up and coming players in the minors and focus on their stories. Hopefully we will be also able to interview them from time to time as they progress through the minors.

The Major League Debut series will focus on players who have either graduated from the Chasing series or young players who have just recently made their big league debut and how they fight to establish themselves as a major league baseball player.

We hope you enjoy. We hope you give the site a chance. Follow along as we follow a group of players Chasing MLB Dreams

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