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  • Ybarra7

    Tyler Ybarra: Story and Interview

    Once the Blue Jays selected pitcher Tyler Ybarra, the southpaw from Kansas had an important decision to make. Would he continue on in his amateur career or would he make the jump to the professional ranks? This would be one of the many tough career choices Ybarra would make in his young career. [...]
  • cdickson5

    Cody Dickson: Story and Interview

    As a youngster growing up in Mansfield Texas, Cody Dickson enjoyed watching a dominant Randy Johnson mow down opponents from the left side of the mound. He envisioned that one day he would be doing just the same. [...]
  • Bostickbanner

    Chris Bostick: Story and Interview

    Growing up in the north-east makes is hard for young aspiring baseball players to get noticed. There was no exception to this rule for Chris Bostick, a young talented infielder from Rochester, New York. Bostick not only had to battle tough opponents but also tough weather conditions during the early spring baseball season just to get on the baseball field. [...]

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  • jconway4
    During the off-season we were lucky enough to be able to feature Josh Conway, 2012 4th round draft selection of the Chicago Cubs. As we interviewed Josh, he was in the middle of a long rehab process from Tommy John surgery. A few weeks ago we touched base with Josh once again and we asked Josh if he would like to share his story of Tommy John Surgery and the rehab process with us. Josh agreed and in the paragraphs that follow are each stage of his experience. [...]

Major League Debut

  • swright12
    Ever wonder what it's like to make your major league debut? Find out here as Steven Wright shares with us some stories from his first tastes of the major leagues. [...]

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